The Go Deep Broadcast

"Go Deep with Bruce Rave" is a current music show featuring emerging rock. Here are the playlists. Show links from past KX 93.5 programs, along with similar playlists, can be found here. Please contact Bruce with any questions about these shows.

Go Deep w/ Bruce Rave, February 16-17
aired on February 17th, 2019
Jenny Lewis - Red Bull & Hennessy (From "On the Line")
Lion - Fiction (Single)
Down Dirty Shake - Sun Cheyenne ("Down Dirty Shake")
Nick Waterhouse - Song For Winners ("Nick Waterhouse")
Karen O. - Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins cover from "Hanna" TV show)
LCD Soundsystem - Seconds (Human League cover from "Electric Lady Sessions")
Weezer - Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears For Fears cover from "Teal")
Billie Eilish - Bury a Friend ("When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go")
Deerhunter - Plains ("Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared")
Adia Victoria - Different Kind of Love (Single)
Ex Hex - Tough Enough ("It's Real")
Pup - Kids ("Little Dipper")
A. Sinclair - Cars ("Catpaws")
Pond - Daisy (Single)
The Frights - Valentines Sux (Single)
The Growlers - Who Loves the Scum (Single)
The Specials - Breaking Point ("Encore")
Wild Belle - Mockingbird (Single)
Kongos - Something New ("1929 Pt. 1" )
Dear Rouge - Modern Shakedown (Single)
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Choke (Single)
Sports Team - M5 (Single)
Beirut - When I Die ("Gallipoli")
Bob Mould - Lost Faith ("Sunshine Rock")
Feet - English Weather (Single)
Foals - On the Luna ("Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost")
Chai - Fashionista (Single)
The Faint - Alien Angel ("Egowerk")
Beck f/ Robyn & the Lonely Island - Super Cool ("The LEGO Movie 2" Soundtrack)
Superorganism - Hello Me & You ("The LEGO Movie 2" Soundtrack)
Millencolin - SOS ("SOS")
Ceramic Animal - Hit or Miss ("The Horse")
Dr. Dog - Stranger ("Live At a Flamingo Hotel" - Fri @ Majestic)
Trapper Schoepp - Welcome to Bay Beach! ("Bay Beach Amusement Park" - Mon @ High Noon)
Amigo the Devil - Everyone Gets Left Behind ("Everything is Fine" - Wed @ Sylvee)
Dropkick Murphys - The Boys Are Back ("Signed and Sealed in Blood" - Wed @ Sylvee)
Howler - Back of Your Neck ("America Give Up" - Turns out the Friday High Noon a different Howler)
Siracuse - Control ("Control")
Alice Merton - Funny Business (Single)
Perfect Son - It's For Life ("Cast")
Future Generations - Landscape ("Landscape")
Band of Skulls - Cool Your Battles (Single)
Lip Sync Chicks - Looking For A Victim (Single)
Tullycraft - Passing Observations ("The Railway Prince Hotel")
Trudy and the Romance - The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen ("Sandman")
Juliana Hatfield - Paid to Lie ("Weird")
Palo & Pan - Nana ("Caravelle")