Rave's Indie Radar

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About Bruce Rave

Bruce Rave worked for a decade at Capitol Records, where as an A&R exec he was instrumental in the development of artists like The Knack, Iron Maiden, Duran Duran, Thomas Dolby, Weird Al, The Motels, and Missing Persons.

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Industry Consulting

A&R/Career Development/Executive Search

The guiding of careers has been a major highlight of Bruce's professional life. He continues to consult rising artists on career issues, song selection, and their live shows. Click below for examples of newer artists that caught his ear early. Ravid & Associates quickly became a successful executive search firm that placed sales and marketing execs, using many principles consistent with A&R and business in general. Ravid & Associates is currently available to undertake US and European search projects in entertainment or technology.

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Go Deep with Bruce Rave

Bruce Rave plays songs from radar indie artists' most recent and upcoming albums on "Go Deep." It's a mostly upbeat, positive-sounding mix. The show airs on KX FM out of Laguna Beach, WVMO - FM in Monona/Madison and WSUM - FM in Madison. Below is a taste of what you'll hear on "Go Deep." You can go to our broadcast page to see playlists and hear past shows. Or follow the Twitter and Facebook links for the latest information!