The Go Deep Broadcast

"Go Deep with Bruce Rave" is a current music show featuring emerging rock. Here are the playlists. Show links from past KX 93.5 programs, along with similar playlists, can be found here. Please contact Bruce with any questions about these shows.

Go Deep w/ Bruce Rave, January 5-6
aired on January 6th, 2019
Foxwarren - Everything Apart (Single)
The Raconteurs - Sunday Driver (Single)
Starcrawler - Hollywood Ending (Single)
Joe Jackson - Friend Better (From "Fool")
Johnny Marr and Matt Johnson - Summer in the City (Lovin' Spoonful cover)
She Wants Revenge - Big Love (Single)
Audiobooks - Friends in the Bubble Bath ("Now! (in a minute)")
Broken Bells - Shelter (Single)
The Decemberists - Traveling On ("Traveling On")
Muse - Pressure (Alternate version with UCLA Band from "Simulation Theory" )
Amigo the Devil - Everyone Gets Left Behind ("Everything is Fine")
Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock ("Sunshine Rock")
Confidence Man - Catch My Breath (Single)
Moving Panoramas - Baby Blues (Single)
Circa Waves - Movies Movies ("What's It Like Over There?")
Warbly Jets - Propaganda (Single)
The Dunts - Witch Hunt (Single)
Kongos - Pay For the Weekend (Single)
Deerhunter - Element ("Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared")
Ten Fe - Echo Park ("Future Perfect, Present Tense")
Ladytron - Far From Home ("Ladytron")
The Growlers - Orgasm of Death ("Casual Acquaintances")
Ron Gallo - Love Supreme (Work Together) ("Stardust Birthday Party")
Velvet Starlings - Sold Down the River ("Velvet Starlings")
Grimes - We Appreciate Power (Single)
The Faint - Child Asleep ("Egowerk")
Toro y Moi - Freelance ("Outer Peace")
Balthazar - Fever ("Fever")
Arctic Monkeys - Anyways (Single)
Disq - Communication (Single)
Adia Victoria - Dope Queen Blues ("Silences")
Perfect Son - It's For Life ("Cast")
The Hots - Before You ("The Hots")
Bad Religion - The Profane Rights of Man (Single)
Nancy - I'm Not Getting Sober, I'm Just Getting Older ("Mysterious Visions")
Barrie - Tal Uno (Single)
Kurt Vile - Loading Zones ("Bottle It In")
Sure Sure - Idiot ("Idiot")
Little Dragon - Lover Chanting ("Lover Chanting")
Lili Haydn & The Service Cats - Ain't Like It Used to Be ("Driver X" Soundtrack )
Trapper Schoepp - What You Do To Her ("Primetime Illusion")
The Good, The Bad & the Queen - Merrie Land ("Merrie Land")
The Bright Light Social Hour - Lie to Me ("Jude Vol. 1")
Guided By Voices - My Angel ("Warp and Woof")
The Motels - The Last Beautiful Days ("The Last Beautiful Days")