Chapel Club live, my All Access interview and Knack piece

UK's Chapel Club: a band to watch in 2011

One of the best things that can happen for a baby band is to co-headline the NME Radar Tour. Check this impressive list to see alumni who’ve gone on to great things in the UK.  This fall’s lineup featured buzz band Joy Formidable and also Chapel Club, who dropped into LA following a couple of CMJ gigs. This Chapel Club gig at Spaceland wasn’t promoted, so it was a rare opportunity to catch a rising UK band without the hype that would normally accompany such an event. Their music is quite dark and evokes memories of David Bowie and The Smiths, with a dose of White Lies added to the mix. Singer Lewis Bowman has real star potential. This is not an obvious radio band, but the music itself is highly genuine and bodes well for this band having a long career. They haven’t yet recorded their debut album, so keep an eye on them in 2011.

Big thanks goes out to Director of Alternative Shawn Alexander at leading radio trade All Access, who made me his 10 Questions interview subject for this week. I outline my vision for the nationally syndicated version of my Go Deep With Bruce Rave broadcast, which is now being pitched to stations nationwide. Shawn is a widely-respected radio and trade paper veteran who does a fine job and is really passionate about the next wave of new music.

Knack fan? The new Doug Fieger website is very cool. Check it out, and you can find my Friends page contribution here. I’ve long felt that if “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was the rock gateway to the 90’s, “My Sharona” was the same for the 80’s.

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