Rave’s Faves: Airplay Artists, Summer 2010

Best Coast's Bethany is bringing eternal summer to the airwaves

Since the last Rave’s Airplay Faves posting on June 11, an entire summer has flown by. Say what you want about radio, there is good stuff on the air. Here are some personal faves who are getting play on indie and/or mainstream stations.

Muse, LCD Soundsystem, Temper Trap, Mumford & Sons, and Futureheads were listed last time and still sound fresh as ever. Cage the Elephant maintains fave status following 3 huge radio hits and an album that was released in early 2009. This disc has continued radio potential. StoneTemple Pilots’ album is loaded with great stuff. I think a mistake was made in the choice of a second single and my hope is they go with something like “Cinnamon”. The Florence & the Machine disc has been around since last year, and cool to see “Dog Days Are Over” beginning to blow up for them. The Drums’ infectious “Let’s Go Surfing” is finally picking up some major markets as well, with some other big stations thinking about adding the song.

Arcade Fire obviously have one of the albums of the year, and I’m on board with buzz bands like Best Coast, Wavves, Jenny & Johnny, and The Thermals. !!! and Innerpartysystem will make you want to dance and have been getting some good radio support.

Of bands not as much on the national radar, there’s the Milwaukee band Jaill. Check out “The Stroller” if you’re into garage/punk. LA’s Fitz & the Tantrums play a punk-influenced version of compelling blue-eyed retro soul.

I’ve got album recommendations posted on June 2, July 3, August 4 (2010 faves so far), and August 23 so feel free to hit the archives to see what I’m liking best so far in 2010. September is shaping up to be a good month for new releases, and I’ll recommend a few next week. Stay tuned and keep raving on!

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