Rave’s Raves: August, 1998

Well folks, this is my final installment as a Seattlite; and this is actually the first time it’s actually been written locally. As you probably know, this is sent to some friends both in and out of the music business.

Rave’s Faves(on the Radio): Brian Setzer, Squirrel Nut Zippers, MXPX, Blink 182, Green Day(“King”), Sonia Dada, Eagle Eye Cherry, Harvey Danger(still!), Fatboy Slim, Flys, Semisonic(“Sleep”).

Swing! Yes, I love the stuff because it sounds so fresh and positive. I recently saw the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy show in Seattle. Really hot. Setzer’s local club date during his last tour was about as much fun as I can possibly have in a club. I hope to be at his sold out concert next week. Did you notice that he and the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies are both in the Top 20 this week? “Zoot Suit,” of course, was a “Rave’s Fave” last time.

Follow-ups: “Fire Escape” by Fastball sounds outstanding on the radio. I commend Hollywood Records on not rushing this song. “Private Helicopter” is the Harvey Danger song now getting local airplay. It is consistently in the second half of the top ten most requested songs. I doubt it’s a hit, but the song does indicate the depth that this band possesses. I understand their live show is improving. Can you believe it was just February(in my first bulletin) when I mentioned that A&R people were coming up here to see this band?

John Taylor: You probably heard that he has left Duran Duran. I saw John’s new band in LA in early June, and in Seattle last week. John will never win awards for his vocals, but they have some good songs and the band is very musical. I give John alot of credit for doing this, and I wish them the best.

Knack Attack: Their great new CD is out, and a tour is about to begin. The first thing many people comment on is how young and energetic they still sound. Terry Bosio outdid himself on drums. To date, radio is satisfied with “My Sharonna” and “Good Girls Don’t.” Rhino Records doesn’t have the best gameplan if they even have one at all, and the project as a whole will be a long-term build. Check out the CD if you have access to one. If you work in radio, I’m hoping you may have a way to test “Ambition” and/or “Can I Borrow A Kiss.” Please let me know how you feel about the CD and about these songs. Many thanks.

Sneaks: KROQ and KNDD have been previewing the cool new Marylin Manson and Hole songs; which should give the format a much-needed injection of guitar-oriented, core guitar bands along with the just-released tune by Korn. The End(KNDD) is also playing cool local bands Pigeonhead and MXPX; and the station is early on The Flys and Possum Dixon. The Flys song, which I love, has a Soundgarden verse and a Beach Boys chorus. My prediction is that The End will break this song(phones are very hot). I see the video is now in regular rotation on M2. How I’ll miss The End, as well as KMTT(The Mountain)!

Speaking of Hole, can someone tell me what so many people see in Courtney Love. To me, she’s simply an opportunistic cartoon character. How did she rate being one of the three people pictured on the cover of Rolling Stone’s issue honoring 25 years of women in rock?

Next time you read my official Raves, I’ll be living in LA. Meanwhile, let me know what you’re listening to, and let me know your reactions to what I’ve written. Your many responses motivate me to send these notes from time to time. Enjoy the rest of summer!

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