Rave’s Raves: February, 2001

As the Eminem Grammy controversy rages on, I’ll add my three cents worth. I’m not into rap, but I feel the guy does have some good musical ideas. However, I could never vote for anyone who preaches hate in his lyrics. Having said that, I think Eminem’s main goal is to fuel the controversy at this point. In the 80’s, Iron Maiden were accused of being satanic. I can promise you that these guys are anything but satanic. When we all started hearing about his new controversy, we just laughed. There was no need to halt the speculation either, because this stuff does stimulate sales.

So the Beatles are back in mid-season form, having dominated the charts for three months. Lots of kids are buying the CD. All of the appropriate stations are playing them like crazy, so my question is this: Why did they ever stop? Also, I went to see “A Hard Day’s Night.” What fun, and I’d forgotten how innocent that film was. The Beatles are now over 6 million, and here are some other sales figures (as of 1/28) that may surprise you. Creed, 9,054,000; Red Hot Chili Peppers, 4,537,000; 3 Doors Down have ridden “Kryptonite” to 3,972,000. I’m pleased to see the Moby CD at 1,646,000.

It has taken years, but Rage Against the Machine have finally grown on me, as they can really play. The new CD, which consists completely of covers is quite good, and some amazing versions of classic songs are included.

Rave’s Top Five Airplay Faves of 2000

2- Dandy Warhols–Bohemian Like You
3- Apollo 440–Stop The Rock
4- No Doubt–Bathwater
5- Muse–Muscle Museum


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