I love almost everything Muse does.  While I like their new single from Twilight, I don’t think it’s a career highlight by any means.  As expected, the sound of the song is huge and I’m sure it will be ace in the movie.  You can watch their video hereThere is a rebirth of blues-rock, and it’s sounding very fresh coming from people like Cage the Elephant, Band of Skulls, Black Keys, Crash Kings, and The ConstellationsKings of Leon might not have become an arena-level band if they hadn’t adopted more of a harder-edged bluesy flavor…The new STP album is solid from beginning to end, and has some blues touches as well…MGMT risked career suicide with their huge change of direction but I now think they’ll be fine in their new incarnation.  Their videos and TV gigs have been really compelling, and they’re improved live (even if they’re not playing “Kids”)…BBC Radio 1 in England may be the best mass appeal pop/rock station in the world.  They’re certainly among the most influential, if not the most so.  Station execs tell me that we can expect to hear lots of dubstep music in the near future…Matt & Kim are saying there will be more of a punk element on their upcoming, upbeat August release, while other faves The Cribs are adding keyboards to sessions for their 5th album that will again include x-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr…I don’t root for Courtney Love but her “Skinny Little Bitch” single was a great rock song.  Surprising that it was by far the most uptempo song on the full-length. I’ve never understood the total fascination with her, except that people love a trainwreck…Of  progressive artists from the 70’s and 80’s, it seems Neil Young and Talking Heads have influenced the most modern bands. Coming soon to this space: My favorite albums, tracks, and late-night TV gigs of the last couple months so come on back or even better, get the rss feed!           

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