Video interview with Australian band Drawn From Bees

Drawn From Bees dropped by the "Rave-Pad" a few days after acing their show at LA's Whiskey

Drawn From Bees are doing well in their native Australia, where they’ve been receiving strong airplay.  They recently triumphed at their first LA gig as part of the Musexpo conference.  Lots of people were buzzing afterward (no pun intended, and bet the guys have heard that one thousands of times).  Their beautiful new CD, Fear Not the Footsteps of the Departed, was released May 21 in Australia.  The band stopped by on their last day in town.  We had an in-depth chat that covered their LA trip, unique background info, the new album, and a few other topics along the way.  They’re currently in Hong Kong and then the UK before returning to Australia.  The HD video version, including some band highlights, is now on YouTube.  Check out the full- length audio interview here. Other artist interviews can be found on the Go Deep site.

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