Interview with Philadelphia Grand Jury

PhillyJays spent one day in LA and blew away The Whiskey

These guys aren’t from Philadelphia, they’re from Sydney and have added Grand Rapids, Michigan native Calvin as drummer.  I’ve been playing their “Going to the Casino” track everywhere possible since last fall.  The song won the Australian Record Industry’s 2009 award for Independent Single of the Year.  The band has achieved chart success in their home country and just moved to London, where they’re beginning to gain significant airplay.  They stopped in LA for a Musexpo gig at The Whiskey and I grabbed them after soundcheck.  Known for their amazing onstage energy levels, they were pretty much toast upon my arrival, having just landed from Sydney that morning.  Adrenaline took over by showtime, and they were as amazing as I’d heard they’d be.  ABC-Australia radio exec Andrew Phillips was there and called the gig a “life-changing experience”.  Check out the interview and their music.  We’ll all be hearing lots more from these guys.

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