Musexpo–cool artists from around the world play in LA

Ex-Londoners Purple Melon brought their hard melodic vibe to The Whiskey and seem ready for large venues

Musexpo is a yearly conference put on by the fine folks at A&R Worldwide. Delegates from around the world attend informative panels during the day and music showcases at night.  The atmosphere is always very positive, and it begins with company chief Sat Bisla, who also hosts the Passport Approved syndicated radio program.  Sat is one of the best-known and most loved music business execs anywhere.  His glass-is-half-full attitude permeates the proceedings.  Most panelists are major industry figures who have great attitudes.

The showcases take place over four nights at The Whiskey and The Viper Room, and I attend almost every one.  Here are some artists to watch, in chronological order.  Toronto’s Menew, Australia’s Drawn From Bees and Hungry Kids Of Hungary, LA’s Purple Melon, Australia’s Philadelphia Grand Jury and Art vs. Science, Sweden’s Erik Hassle, The Respectables from Montreal, and Denmark’s Dune.  I missed the Swedish artist Laleh but people were talking about her the next day.

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