Rave’s 2010 Faves so far

Hot Chip: Great album and be sure to catch them live

Here are favorite artists getting some kind of airplay so far this year:

Hot Chip, Yeasayer, Vampire Weekend, The Soft Pack, The Constellations, The Drums, Codeine Velvet Club, Muse, Devo, Stone Temple Pilots, Hockey, Cage the Elephant, LCD Soundsystem, Surfer Blood, Beach House, She & Him, Two Door Cinema Club, Delphic.

Hot Chip, Yeasayer, Vampire Weekend, and The Soft Pack have given us my four fave albums of the year so far.  You might be seen me raving about The Constellations from Atlanta.  They were ace at SXSW and I predict their June album will make many year-end lists.  Check out their single “Felicia” as well as my interview with them.  My interview with The Drums is also on the site.  This Brooklyn band is a summery cross between The Zombies and Joy DivisionCodeine Velvet is a fun Fratellis side project which will breathe life into singer John Lawler’s career.  Muse recently had the top two most-played songs in the country in “Uprising” and “Resistance”.  “Fresh” is the perfect name for the new Devo single, which is a highly modern version of the older band we know and love.  I love that STP is rocking on their new single.  Hockey is a great radio band.  Cage the Elephant is now embarking on their third single following two major winners.  Their whole album is strong as is the live show.  LCD Soundsystem is finally back, and their “Drunk Girls” single is a hoot.  Surfer Blood’s “Floating Vibes” is one the year’s best tracks, as are “Norway” and “Zebra” from Beach House. How about She & Him debuting in the #6 position with their new album?  Two Door and Delphic are two promising UK bands. 

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