Recommending new CD’s by Kasabian/Sleeper Agent/The Features

Yup, Sleeper Agent is 6 members strong

Three fave albums haves emerged over the past month or so:

KasabianVelociraptor…These UK stalwarts entered the Brit charts at #1 as expected, and it’s a good album. They explore new territory and every track is different than the others. The harder songs were the ones that came out in advance but I think most of their fans will feel it’s at least on a musical plateau with prior albums. The strong “Days Are Forgotten” is being worked as the US single. My faves are uptempo title track “Velocipaptor”, the intense “Switchblade Smile”, and “La Fee Verte”, which feels like it could be from the late-Beatles pychedelic period.

Sleeper AgentCelebrasion…This young Bowling Green, Kentucky band is doing something not heard in today’s indie times. They rock a straight-ahead 70’s approach and are making it completely fresh and fun. Think bands like Slade. The album is packed with irresistable pop tunes. On my Moheak Radio Music Meeting program, 4 songs in a row have received unanimous thumbs-up. “Get It Daddy” is deservedly blowing up nationally on alternative radio. Other track tips are “Shuga Cane” and “Proper Taste”.

The FeaturesWilderness…People are gradually waking up to this Tennessee band. This album contains lots of stellar songs and also a heavier guitar sound than in the past. They bring it live, as this Kimmel appearance will show. I’m loving “Big Mama Gonna Whip Us Good”, “Kids”, and the softer “Another One”.

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