Michael Steele joins us Sunday night on the Moheak Music Meeting.

Who is this bad-ass dude, you may be asking? He’s not as much as bad-ass as this pic would indicate, but Michael Steele founded and programmed the most bad-ass US commercial FM rock station of the past decade. Rolling Stone went so far as to call Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles the “coolest station in the country” several years running. Moheak Radio is programmed by TK and Darren Revell, both of whom were regulars on Indie. While the station is no longer an FM entity, the Indie spirit is alive and growing at Moheak Radio and I’m glad to be a part of it. This Sunday night (31st), Michael and Darren will join me for the 2-hour Moheak Music Meeting. We’ll rate/debate new tracks by Noel Gallagher, TeddyBears, Butch Walker, M83, Kasabian, The Drums, and more. Steele is not only a radio guru, but he’s quite the music expert as well. Come hang with us.¬†Click here and hit “listen live”. I’ll post again Monday with the songs that did the best.

MONDAY UPDATE: The best responses in order of play, were for singles by TeddyBears, Butch Walker, M83, and a deeper Sleeper Agent track. Below is the show if you missed it and would like to check it out. Next Moheak Radio Music Meeting will be Sunday, August 14.


Moheak Radio Music Meeting, July 31 by Bruce Rave

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