Recommending Foster the People, My Morning Jacket, Ida Maria, Postelles CD’s

Predicting that Foster the People will become multi-hit masters

Four albums over the past two months really stood out for me.

Foster the PeopleTorches…Great title for this hot album. Anytime a new band blows up quickly on the strength of one hit song (“Pumped Up Kicks” in their case), the danger is that the hit will dwarf everything else the band might be up to. It’s a problem most people don’t mind having, and I think Foster the People will quickly rise above one-hit wonder status. Just about every track works with a keen sense of melody and freshness. Plus, the band pulls it off live. “Kicks” is now blowing up internationally, and this album will probably have legs leading into 2012. Besides the first hit, track tips are “Helena Beat”, “Warrant”, and “Miss You”.

My Morning JacketCircuital…MMJ has always been one of those bands that I’ve respected more than I’ve loved. This album is easily my favorite of theirs, as they seem to have hit the perfect sweet spot. “Holding On the Black Metal” is doing well for the band, and I also like title track “Circuital” and “Outta My System”, which is written in the first-person of a reformed car thief.

Ida MariaKatla…Best-known for first album songs like “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked”, Ida has returned with a bang. Butch Walker produced this ace disc, where 7 of the 8 tracks reallywork for me. Her vocals hit me like a combination of Janis Jopin and Joan Jett, and the “Bad Karma” single feels like something Joan would have a hit with. Joplin is an influence and this album has a blusier feel to it. Radio will have great success with the single once it gets played, and I also especially recommend “I Eat Boys Like You for Breakfast” and “Quite Nice People.”

The PostellesThe Postelles…These New Yorkers were discovered by Albert Hammond, Jr. of  The Strokes, and their sound feels like a more pop version of early Strokes. Hammond produced 4 tracks. Some might call this band derivative, but they’ve got the vocals, freshness, and songwriting to have a serious shot. They were originally signed to Capitol, but changes in label personnel caused this album to never be released. Now on the more indie-flavored Plus One label, things have progressed for the band.  Track tips are “123 Stop”, “White Night”, and “Stella”.

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