Live: Anna Calvi, Glasvegas, The Motels

No this isn't Martha Davis, but it was a classic cover

Anna Calvi brought her beautiful voice to the Troubadour last Tuesday night. She gets compared to PJ Harvey, and I occasionally hear it on the high notes. Her live presentation is straight forward, low-key, and high-taste without much in the way of showbiz. Highlights included her “Blackout” single and her cover of Elvis’ “Surrender”, which was the single’s b-side. The band was a 3-piece with Anna playing bass and guitar.

Glasvegas played the next night after selling the venue out in a matter of days. Strangely enough, there was a distinct lack of spark in the music and also in the crowd, compared to a live show I saw of theirs a few years ago. Some of that might be attributable to a lower-key second album that has fewer uplifting melodies. They hit “Daddy’s Gone” from the debut, for the final encore, and we could definitely feel the increased the vibe in the house.

I got to see Martha Davis & the Motels twice last week. Martha continued to be in fine voice, both at the Carter Memorial Service Tuesday night at The Roxy, and Friday night at the Rhino Pop-Up event for Musicares. Her band sounds great and it’s my hope that they soon embark on a higher-profile tour. For more on their playing “Total Control” at the service, see my Carter, R.I.P. post dated June 14.

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