Anglofile Heaven: Wombats/Arctic Monkeys/Vaccines live

Wombats Troubadour gig exceeded expectations

I had high hopes for the Wombats’ Troubadour gig last Wednesday, and this show blasted right through my optimism. This Modern Glitch is a 2011 fave album for me, and evidently for many of their fans. The show was sold-out and the crowd enthusiastically chanting “Wombats” even before they took the stage. Matthew Murphy’s vocals were spot on and they’ve got a number of strong songs if not obvious radio hits. With the addition of synth parts, the band has evolved nicely between albums. They played great and this was one of the best Troub reactions I’ve seen in awhile. I interviewed singer Murph before the show, and he talked about the prior night in New York being their best US gig to date. Afterwards, they felt this show was pretty much on a par. They are talking about a more extensive tour in October. It may take another album or two, but this band has a great chance of blowing up if they stay on course. Hear my Wombats interview special with songs included, on Moheak Radio this Friday afternoon in the 2:00 hour Pacific, 5p EDT, 10p GMT.

Arctic Monkeys sold out the Palladium Friday night and are doing just fine, thank you.¬† Their Suck It and See album may be a little softer, but there was little reduction in volume or intensity in this live show. They pretty much played their hits and the crowd ate it up. The band has always been live and leader Alex Turner has always been a humble front man. They now that that extra presence that comes with being a major touring band for a few years. Openers The Vaccines didn’t fare as well as I’d hoped. They rocked and got a decent reaction, but the barn-like Palladium sound ate them up. Their harder, faster songs got the loudest cheers. Softer songs were more present earlier on, which probably hurt them in this kind of venue. Seems their huge UK buzz hasn’t yet crossed the ocean in a big way, and it will be interesting to see how they do in U.S. festival dates later this summer as their album continues to get promoted¬† Set closer was a cool cover of The Standells’ “Dirty Water”.

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