SXSW–Day 3 Highlights

Muse rocked SXSW last night

Muse! As my fave band of the past decade, it hardly matters that 75% of the sound mix was bass guitar and bass drum.  They rocked.  Metric preceded them, and the little indie band of a few years back is now aiming for arena-level with their sound and presentation.  I caught one Dan Black tune and wish I’d heard more.  His “Symphonies” radio hit is laid back but his live show rocks.  Dan is a star, and all over the stage.  The Drums showed why England loves them.  While the band has heavy 60’s influences, the upbeat sound of the show was more along the lines of Joy Division. They bring a slightly dark kind of “joy” to their shows, and they know how to play. Their June album will be darker than current EP tracks like “Let’s Go Surfing”, and they confirmed afterwords that the live sound is similar to the new album’s direction.  Keep an eye out for my Drums interview, which will be posted next week.

Three good groups so far that I’d like to see again in more compatible venues.  Glascow’s The Law are a high-energy, harder party band with melodies and good songs, who have gotten promising US airplay with only a digital release so far.  Delorean are electro artists from Spain who have some good ideas and are very easy on the ears.  UK electro band  Chew Lips have have interesting melodies, and a good look featuring their sultry lead singer who goes by the name of Tig. Their more uptempo stuff works better for me.

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