Musexpo 2011

Musexpo is the annual international music conference hosted by Sat Bisla and his fine team at A&R Worldwide. The event features a combination of panels and showcases.  Most major industry topics are covered, and up and coming artists appear from all over the world.  Helpful but general knowledge is dispensed, and much of the content can be found in music business guides. Many panelists are careful about what they say. A couple of key points included the advice that artists should take their time to make sure they get everything right. Daniel Glass of Glassnote Records (Phoenix, Mumfords, Temper Trap) talked about how he slowed down the process for Two Door Cinema Club. Another advice highlight was that artists should remove all mental and creative limitations in order to achieve their potential.  Sire Records founder Seymour Stein was honored for lifetime achievement.  The man singed a ton of great artists, including Madonna, The Ramones, and Talking Heads. When asked how it was dealing with people on drugs, he replied, “I was on drugs too! I’m no angel.” Another expert reflected on how there’s only a one-letter difference between “shit” and “hit”. The most often-mentioned artists were Adele and Mumford & Sons.

A&R Worldwide has been working with artists such as Sydney’s All Mankind and Liverpool’s Luke Fenlon for awhile, and it’s nice to see them progress. UK band One Night Only has a song in a Coke commercial and they impressed live. Antoine from Montreal was a blast, and was described as Elton John and David Bowie together on acid.  The Scottish Abagail Grey soothed us with a progressive set by a band that included two harps. Norway’s pop-alternative group  John Snow is young, talented, and promising. A Million Years is a straight-forward Brooklyn alternative band with high potential, that played a high-energy, precise set.

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