Worldwide Radio Summit

The first annual Worldwide Radio Summit has concluded. Turnout was strong for a first year event, and kudos to to the folks at All Access and A&R Worldwide. A few highlights would include the revelation that Pandora would rank a strong #11 in the huge LA market if it were included in the ratings. Powerhouse alternative station KROQ was saying they don’t get enough really good rock records to consider in their music meeting. The VP of Promotion from a successful indie label was telling me how hard it is for an indie to even get a song considered by mainstream radio. He said the same amount of effort by a major label will land that record in the top ten. Online radio streaming would be 5-6% of total listenership at any time, but 20% of all listeners check out a stream from time to time.  In LA, 62% of those hear a stream and listening to an out of town station.  There were good pointers not only for on air presence, but online as well. Artist awards were given out, and Mumford & Sons cleaned up.  Melissa Etheridge played at the Day 2 luncheon and was also interviewed.  It was a conference highlight. A&R Worldwide’s Musexpo begins tonight and runs through Wednesday night.  Lots of fine artists from around the world are performing every evening during this 6-day marathon.

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