SXSW Highlights–Day 2

I can now confirm that The Constellations live raves are all true

I said at the beginning of SXSW that I recommended The Constellations as a band to see.  They backed it up last night!  8-strong onstage, everyone was in motion, the playing was stellar, the songs consistent, and Elijah Jones aces the front man role.  The “Felicia” single will be worked at radio next month, and I’m more convinced than ever that this band is poised for a great summer.  The club might have been fairly empty, but that wouldn’t happen next year at this time.  Fanfarlo played a great afternoon show as expected, and I was really impressed with Surfer Blood’s daytime intensity.  The Soft Pack had their main showcase and delivered the goods.  No frills here, but they play their fine album the way it should be.  I braved a long line of XX fans to see the UK indie-goth artists play a clean show.  Their sounds came through beautifully, but the softer, darker tone just didn’t contain enough energy for me.  Most of their fans in the place would probably disagree.  They may always be a band that I respect but don’t love.  Some major artists play every night, but I tend to use this week’s opportunity to stick with the “baby bands” that are the future of what we’ll be hearing.

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