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Rave’s Raves: February, 2006

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006


I’m very proud to announce my Rave’s Raves website and “Go Deep” webcast. Radio has been a passion of mine since I was in 6th grade, and it’s the reason I got into the music business. While I continue to do similar shows at places like WSUM in Madison, I’ve been wanting to put my “Go Deep” concept on the air. I’ll mostly play bands familiar to indie rock fans, but I’ll play tracks they probably haven’t heard unless they have the CD. Occasionally, I might spin a live version or a remix of a well-known tune. This will be a great tool for fans who want to become more familiar with newer bands that they’re considering. My new website,, provides links to the show as well as to this column. Thanks to my buddy Lee Lodyga for the “Go Deep” title, which makes us think of sex, sports, and rock and roll.

RAVE’S FAVES (on the air since December)

Arctic Monkeys (various), Wolfmother, The Sounds, Rob Zombie, Elbow (various), Oakenfold, The Lashes.

The super first track from Sydney’s Wolfmother is somewhat in the hard-70’s vein of Jet. The band are Top 10 at home and their full-length drops here in May. The Sounds from Sweden also have a promising beginning to their latest. Zombie‘s “Foxy Foxy” sounds like a nice old glam song. Elbow‘s prior albums haven’t moved me much, but the group is very musical and have gained a bit of edge on this one. Oakenfold has a hot single that precedes his newest CD, and The Lashes have a lighter pop rocker that is getting some play following their exposure on The OC. See their live review below. Veteran readers know that there are normally more “faves” listed. It’s been a lean beginning to 2006, in my estimation.


The Arctics had an impressive debut at #24 on Billboard with about 34,000 units sold. Of course, this was nothing like their record-shattering U.K. debut. I quite like the album and continue to feel these guys are for real, although not all of the CD matches their live exuberance. Singer Alex Turner has shown that he is quite a prolific writer of lyrics, and he’s got great insight for guy of 20.


L.A.’s She Wants Revenge had a triumphant sold-out show at the El Rey Theatre. They played great and, unlike many new bands, they showed that they can mix it up with various styles and tempos. They had a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that didn’t capture their live energy. The Lashes are a nice band that haven’t mastered this art of variation. On a stand alone basis, most of the their tunes work, but they’re a jack of one trade when it comes to a live set. Even their hooky radio single was sped up and hardened up to the point where it didn’t stand out at all. Many baby bands miss the point that if they have a big song, they need to make sure that the tune is truly highlighted. The Thomas Dolby and Knack shows are mentioned in the 80’s Colleagues section below. I will be attending South By Southwest and will post a special conference recap after I return to L.A.


It was wonderful seeing Thomas Dolby‘s return to live action with his highly improvised solo show at L.A.’s House of Blues. Tom wasn’t heavily promoted on a bill with Dramarama and The English Beat, but a few hundred people seemed to have purchased tickets mostly for him. The overall reaction was warm and gratifying. Thomas will play more Southern California dates in April, and this time he’ll have a full set. Let’s hope that he decides to get more active and record again. There are many current performers in the electronic genre who have the utmost respect for Thomas. The Knack had a great Valentine’s Day performance on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Iron Maiden will have a new studio album out later this year.


That does it for this installment of Raves. You’ll hear from me following South By Southwest and again around May 1. Meanwhile, let me hear from you as I always enjoy input. Please make sure you mention these Raves in the subject line. Until late March, enjoy life and…