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Rave’s Raves: August, 1999

Sunday, August 29th, 1999

RAVE’S FAVES(on the radio): Santana/Thomas, Fastball, Tal Bachman, Old 97’s, Lou Bega(“Mambo”), Madonna.

I’m very pleased to see that Fastball have a legit second hit.  Bachman’s record is perfect pop.  “Mambo #5” is a delightful novelty hit that is a can’t-miss top-five in this country.  Last week, I got back from a Vienna-Berlin-Amsterdam vacation, and this song was #1 in each of those countries.  Bega’s an American that now lives in Munich.

What’s up with this list?  Only six songs, and Madonna’s on there?  Not one pure alternative song?  I’m sure this is temporary, but nothing on alternative radio is inspiring me right now, especially with all of the “rap rock” on the air.  Well, even if I don’t like rap rock, I’m glad to see that some new rock is again among the chart leaders.  The current rap/hip hop influence was inevitable, given that rap has been around for 20 years now.  This is no different than bands from earlier generations, who utilized stuff from Motown, pure blues, and other r&b influences.  Do I hope that Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit and Korn are the future?  Hell, NO!  Grunge lasted about five years, and I expect this stuff to do the same.  By the way, I heard the new nin song this weekend, and Trent was shrieking away, just like these other guys; and he’s supposed to be a trend setter!

The Smashmouth CD is super from beginning to end.  Electronica fans might want to check out the “Run Lola Run” soundtrack.  I really liked the first Buckcherry radio tune.

There are lots of people watching VH-1, as evidenced by the number of people who contacted me after hearing Doug Fieger’s mention of me in conjunction with Weird Al’s first signing for the song “My Bologna”.  Hard to believe that was 20 years ago and that Al was just a college kid with his accordion, recording in the bathroom across the hall from his college radio station in San Luis Obispo.  After the release of “Bologna,” I had to drop him from the label, as there was no interest in continuing on the part of Capitol’s other execs.  As I told him at the time, we only sold a few singles but millions and millions of people nationwide heard the song due to all of the exposure on morning shows.  Who could have guessed that he’d have a 20-year career doing what he does?  He was a great guy and still is.  I’m looking forward to seeing his LA concert next month.

Speaking of LA concerts, Iron Maiden(who are always hot) completely exceeded expectations at their recent show.  The crowd was completely rowdy and into it, and the band commented afterwards that this audience was laid back compared to most others.  Some people feel traditional metal and hard rock is poised for a comeback.

Time to go.  Let me know what you’re listening to these days, and let me know your reactions to what I’ve written here.  Have a great rest of the millennium, and I’ll be back to you sometime in December…