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Rave’s Raves: May, 1999

Sunday, May 9th, 1999

Hi Folks–it’s been awhile, but here I am. Thanks to those of you who’ve written and asked about this next installment.

Rave’s Faves(on the radio): Garbage(“Special” and “Grow”), Blondie, Offspring(“Kids”), Dangerman, Van Morrison, REM(“Beautiful”), Ricky Martin, Imperial Teen, Mellancamp, Susan Tedeschi(“Rock”), Jude, Living End, Underworld.

I just don’t tire of Garbage. I’m surprised the Blondie hasn’t done better. It’s amazing what one TV performance did for Ricky(Grammies). As Beck said, Ricky Martin was the one performer who had fun and didn’t act like he was over it all. Here’s the downside: Imagine Martin having to follow this up, considering how fast it all happened. I just heard the new Bangles song tonight–it sounds very cool. “Battleflag” by Low Fidelity All Stars w/Pigeonhead was an alternative hit in Seattle last year just with P’head, who are from Seattle.

I went to the Underworld show last Saturday night. The show itself and the overall experience were worth it. I’ve always wanted to attend a rave. While this wasn’t anywhere near an actual rave, it at least gave me a bit of that feeling. The plethora of water bottles would indicate that a huge amount of e was consumed prior to the show. The crowd was in an excellent mood.

Two current CD’s I really like are Underworld and Fat Boy Slim. Both are very consistent, which is hard to find these days.

Good career move on soundtrack: Harvey Danger cover “Save It For Later” and it sounds great. It only did moderately well, but it shows the audience they can be more than a one hit wonder. By the way, I still hear their Flagpole Sitta’ almost daily on KROQ, and I still love that song.

Questionable career move on soundtrack: No Doubt song breaks no new ground but still does very well for them. New CD coming soon, but this song may take some of the wind out of their sails. I wouldn’t have done it.

If you’re an eels fan, did you notice how their last CD completely stiffed? Their manager John Carter(who also handles Paula Cole) warned them about recording an album about death. The band felt Carter had “sold out” due to Cole’s success so they fired him. Wonder what they think about that move now. Carter signed Tina Turner to Capitol–he and I co-signed The Motels.

I take great pride on how the people I got involved with in the 80’s have maintained. Iron Maiden’s singer and guitar player just rejoined. Duran Duran are in the new studio; and biased reports from the scene say the music is very modern and very good. Thomas Dolby runs his internet company. The Motels are gigging around with all new material, while Marty Jourrard from the original band is being published all over. Doug Fieger(The Knack) is in the studio with a hot young singer, and need I say more about Weird Al, who’s now bigger than ever?

I better end it here. Let me know what you’re listening to, and please send any comments on what I wrote above.

Talk to you soon…